Zenith (TM)

The perfect solution for successful cervical fusions.





Smooth and low profile design

Vital surrounding structures will not be damaged due to unique design.

One-step locking system

Makes screw insertion quick and safe.

One-step locking system automatically slides into place. Screw is secured when the one-step locking system is covering the screw head.


Variable screw angulation

Compression loads are shared between screw/plate fixation and interbody graft. Facilitates screw placement. Provides strength under shear loads.



Multi-technique instrumentation

3-Step protection guides: drilling, tapping and screw insertion are securely performed through the guide using the single or the dual guide technique.

Zenith is an advanced cervical fixation system based on a new concept.

Designed with surgeon input to respond to specific needs, the Zenith system simplifies and shortens surgery.