Anterior SCS


The Anterior SCS instrumentation was developed in conjunction with the evolution if the SCS instrumentation.

Our intent was to elaborate on a simple surgical technique and achieve the 3D correction of lumbar and thoraco-lumbar deformities.

The resection of the discs enables the correction of severe deformities which are located within a few spinal segments.

The correction of the deformity using the in-situ rod contouring technique allows restoration of the frontal and sagittal physiological curves.

The multiple segment fixation with 2 screws per vertebra, combined with the interbody fusion, provides optimal stabilization of the corrected segments.

Moreover, this technique enables the surgeon to limit the extension of the fusion, keeping as many mobile segments as possible.

The original SCS range was completed with specific implants to fully achieve this technique, and avoid the multiplicity of the systems.

Our present clinical results are excellent, and prove that the anterior SCS instrumentation is efficient and reliable for the management of spine diseases requiring an anterior fixation.