SCS Instrumentation



The SCS instrumentation was designed to satisfy surgeons’ requirements for the treatment of different spinal pathologies, including deformities, fractures, tumors and degenerative spine.

It is used for both posterior and anterior approaches. The wide range of implants optimizes fixation stability at the thoracic, lumbar and sacral level.

Even though the SCS was designed for In Situ Contouring, it is a true Multi Technique system allowing the use of a combination of different techniques such as In situ contouring, segmental translation, and rod rotation.

The SCS also provides the unique advantage of a bilateral clip introduction.

SCS and SCS Spinal Clip System are OrthoTec’s registered Trademarks.

The in situ contouring technique can be viewed with the free streaming media player ( DOES NOT WORK )


1. Click on the Adobe graphic below.


2. Once downloaded, you need to install the software on your computer. At which time you will then be ready to download the In situ contouring technique Brochure.